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Franchise Specialists

We give franchisors proven systems and solutions to achieve their sustained growth goals.

Thank you for visiting The Steed Consultancy website. We are specialists in custom international and domestic franchising.

If you are currently franchising, but feel you are not maximizing your potential, we can help. If you are not currently franchising, but are considering this vehicle as a potential growth strategy, we can help you here as well.

Having developed franchise systems for differing brands around the world, we know no two situations can be exactly the same, so "canned" solutions are never the answer. Although we follow a highly disciplined process ( reflected in our model - see slides at the top of this page ), we specialize in customizing our services to your exact needs.

Even for experienced professionals, success in franchising can seem like a maze. We will help you discover what you need to know, and how to act on it effectively. Please spend some time learning more about The Steed Consultancy and I look forward to receiving your call personally.

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Frank H. Steed
President and CEO

Companies Served

See a list of clients The Steed Consultancy has helped achieve their franchising goals.

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Case Studies

Presentation of select case studies to illustrate how we assist new and existing franchisors.

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Approach To Franchising

Unified thinking is the key to successful franchising.

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What We Do

Depending on the unique requirements of each client, we will assist you in building a sound franchise system.

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