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Understanding Franchising – Unified Thinking

To be the organization it hopes, the Franchisor works hard to select people who share its philosophy about being in business and being successful in business. When everyone up and down the organization is thinking, speaking and acting with one voice, that’s called unified thinking. With unified thinking, everyone is working for the same objective, rather than working at cross purposes with the organization or each other.

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Who Are Our Franchisees and How Do We Treat Them?

  • Strategic-Partners in developing markets and building brand equity.
  • Respectfully As part of our team
  • As one of our primary interests
  • As if we want them to succeed
  • As investors in our brand
  • As our method of distribution
  • As people with good ideas
  • As developers of market share
  • As the critical element in our growth strategy

How To Create Teamwork In A Franchise System

  • Create unified thinking around everyone being committed to living the mission, core values
  • Common strategic objectives and operational focus
  • Common market objectives for: market share, number of units, new customers, repeat customers, frequency, average ticket, customer satisfaction
  • Common company goals, common market goals, common unit goals, personal goals that tie into the other goals
  • Personal goals that are positively influenced when the company’s and market’s business goals are met
  • Communication about progress toward the accomplishment of individual, unit, market and company business goals
  • A culture that builds on strengths and candor
  • Involvement of people in everything that relates to the achievement of the mission, core values, their operation and their personal and corporate goals
  • Individual accountability for results