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10247464_10203054208308942_652234065509871872_nIn our third step, we look at two distinct but deeply interrelated areas: franchise development and the franchise support system. In an effective franchising organization, all the gears must mesh perfectly.

For development, we look at how the franchise is marketed. Even the legally required FDD document can be used as a marketing tool. We also follow the entire sales process to insure that there are no gaps, and that legal compliance “checkpoints” are appropriately in place.

For franchise system support, we explore with you the difficult issue of site approval. Since site selection is fundamental to the sales of the outlet, it cannot be left to chance. On the other hand, there are no guarantees that any particular site will be successful. How does the franchisor handle this with the franchisee?

Having well constructed systems for design and construction, training, new store openings, and on-going support also contributes to removing the element of chance. We have proven techniques for developing these systems.


Step 4: Follow-Up & Feedback